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Talking Caller ID with 2 Handsets

Our new DECT 6.0 phone with Answering system and 2 cordless handsets is a smart, reliable office/home solution designed to make everyday call management easier and more convenient for everyone, no landline required. Hear who's calling from across the room without having to get up with text-to-speech announcements in English and Spanish from the base unit and cordless handsets in the home or office. Features include: Two Handset cordless telephone with Answering machine, talking Caller ID in English and Spanish, quickly block unwanted calls with easy call block, up to 250 numbers, convenient paging system on base unit and handsets and talk time 12 hours/standby time up to 8 days. Tie it all together and this compact phone system makes it one of the most reliable and functional systems available in the market today. Phone measures 4.6" x 4.8" x 3".

Catalog code TPCID432 price $79.95

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Digital Answering System with Time/Date Stamp (white)

This stand-alone answering system records outgoing announcements and incoming messages on a microchip, so there are no tricky tapes or moving parts to manage. Digital operation ensures reliable performance, instant access to messages, and the ability to selectively save and delete on command. Stay organized with the time/day stamp, which announces the time and day each message was recorded before playback. With remote access, it's possible to listen to mail or even change your out going greeting by calling in from any touch tone phone. Message Guard memory ensures your inbox is available even in the event of a power failure, and 60 minutes of digital recording time allow you to save or receive messages without worry they'll be cut off. Plus, the unit features variable speed playback, so you can choose how quickly to hear your messages. Answering machine measures 4.9" x 4.5" x 1.9".

Catalog code ANS1740 price $17.95