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Standard Size Cereal Saver

Our new cereal keeper holds a standard size box with an airtight silicone seal to keep cereal fresh longer. Keeper comes with a wide mouth spout to easily dispense a wide range of cereals. It is equipped with a secure contour grip for easy pouring and measurement markings on the side up to 14 cups. This cereal container is dishwasher safe and is made with BPA Free materials. 4.2 QT (4.0 L) capacity

Catalog code MCSAVER price $23.95

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Small Cereal Saver

Store a small box of cereal or up to two11 oz granola bags by using our new Small silicone Cereal Saver. With its Contoured grip and wide spout for easy one-handed pouring and Airtight silicone seal, our cereal saver helps keep ingredients fresher longer. Saver includes clear Measurement markings up to 6 Cups (1.5 qt(1.4 L) approx. capacity. Also perfect for storing nuts.

Catalog code SCSAVER price $16.95

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Large Cereal Saver

Store a family size box of cereal by using our new Large silicone Cereal Saver. With its Contoured grip and wide spout for easy one-handed pouring and Airtight silicone seal, our cereal saver helps keep ingredients fresher longer. Saver includes clear Measurement markings up to 18 Cups 4.5 qt (4.25 L) approx. capacity. Also

Catalog code LCSAVER price $27.95

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Coffee Saver

Hold 24 oz ground or 22 oz whole bean coffee by using our new Coffee silicone Saver container.Our tinted UV-blocking container keeps coffee fresh and preserves flavor. Comes with a Removable Magnetic 1 tablespoon StainlessSteel Coffee Scoop which stores in the lid. Its airtight Silicone Seal helps keep coffee fresher longer. Measurement markings up to 8 Cups 2 qt (1.89 L) approx. capacity.

Catalog code COFFEESVR price $19.95

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Collapsible silicone Lunch Container (avail. July,)

Pantry-approved collapsible for the perfect meal on-the-go! This store-flat silicone meal container holds over 3 cups of food and includes a reusable snap-in fork/spoon utensil. Sure-fit lid keeps food fresh and secure for lunches, leftovers and late night snacking. BPA-free & FDA-approved. Also dishwasher & microwave safe. Collapsible design instantly saves storage space. Pop - fill - go!

Catalog code CLUNCH price $7.95

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Compact Veggie Chopper

Experience perfectly diced vegetables in one swift motion with the Compact Veggie Chopper. Works best with onions (eliminates tears!), russet potatoes, firmer tomatoes, carrots, and more! It's designed with a non-skid base for sturdy chopping, and measurement markings up to 2 cups so you'll know how much you've chopped. The opening at the top allows for easy pour-out and less mess. Designed with a removable plastic grid for easy cleaning, and dishwasher safe!

Catalog code CVCHOPPER price $20.95

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Crank-It Citrus Juicer

Enjoy fresh-squeezed juice with the Crank-it Citrus Juicer! This product works best for oranges, lemons, and limes and can hold up to 2-cups of fresh-squeezed juice. The pieces can nest inside each other for easy storage. Remove the crank, and the juice vessel is designed with a spout so the liquid can easily be poured into a glass or larger pitcher. This item is dishwasher safe and BPA-free. FRESH SQUEEZED: Experience maximum juice extraction with minimal effort. Cut oranges in half and place one half on the juicer with one hand firmly over the top. Crank the handle with your other hand. The crank handle rotates the juicing cone to make juicing lemons, limes, and oranges easy. The measuring container holds up to 2 cups (500ml) of juice.Non-skid base. Standard and metric measurements included.

Catalog code CIJUICER price $17.95

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Multi Purpose Silicone Mat

Experience multiple uses with one product with our new Multi-Purpose Silicone Mat. Use as a baking and roasting mat, cooling mat, trivet, drying rack, freezing mat, craft mat, and more. Includes ribbed design for better air circulation and crisping when baking, roasting, and allowing grease to drain. Insert it under a cutting board to use as a non-skid layer under the board. Its dimensions fit a half baking sheet, and it conveniently rolls up neatly for storage. Mat measures 16.5" (41.9cm) x 11.9" (29.5cm).Dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe.

Catalog code MTPMAT price $14.95

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Collapsible Water Bottle Silicone w/Carabiner

Joie's Collapsible Water Bottle On The Go easily stows away to take on-the-go beverages. It easily stows away in lunch boxes, briefcases, purses, and backpacks, or clips on with a handy carabiner. Great for kids lunches and road trips, school, work, the gym, outdoor adventures, and more. Ideal for water, juice, and other non-carbonated beverages. Made from silicone, ABS, and polypropylene, it?s BPA free, FDA and LFGB approved, heat safe 212-degrees Fahrenheit, reusable, sturdy, and durable. It expands to 8-inches and holds 16-ounces and collapses to 4.75-inches for a 7.5-ounce capacity. Top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Catalog code CWBOTTLE price $8.95

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Pop Up Microwave Popcorn Maker

Make fresh, hot popcorn in your microwave in just 2 minutes without the use of oil - helps reduce calories. Easy to use and more economical than buying packaged popcorn. Silicone lid measures kernels and keeps them from popping out Perforated lid melts butter and distributes seasonings evenly to flavor popcorn during the popping process, like cheddar cheese, herbed garlic Parmesan, or BBQ popcorn and more. Instructions and recipes included. Bulb-shaped carafe made fromhigh-heat borosilicate glass (to resist shock and breakage) yields more popped kernels with less burnt pieces. Popper fits 99% of home microwaves. (Please note for best results: preheat the empty popper in the microwave for 1 minute 15 seconds. Use the silicone lid to measure corn kernels to the fill line, pour the kernels into the popper, and place silicone lid on top. If desired, add butter or margarine to the silicone lid along with any seasonings. Microwave according to instructions). Popcorn popper measures approximately 7" long x 7" wide x7" high and not intended forstovetop use

Catalog code PUPCMAKER price $14.95

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Collapsible Colander Steamer

Joie's Collapsible Colander Steamer is ideal for washing, draining, and steam cooking food. Made from 100-percent silicone that's heat-safe to 450-degrees Fahrenheit, it's perfect for stovetop and microwave use. Steaming food helps retain fresh textures and flavors, and preserves precious nutrients. Easily turn almost any pan or microwave container into a vegetable steamer to make healthy meals with ease. The footed design allows food to hover above the water so they cook gently with steam. Unlike the boiling method, using a steamer promotes healthy cooking by retaining more of the food's fresh flavor and texture with higher levels of nutrients. No more leaching precious vitamins into the water and discarding them down the drain. Adjustable height fits various pot depths. Perfect for cooking and reheating single or multiple servings. Made from BPA free, FDA approved silicone, Joie's Collapsible Colander Steamer is sturdy, durable, safe for use with non-stick cookware, naturally nonstick, and compact for easy storage. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Catalog code CCSTEAMER price $7.95

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Collapsible Silicone Colander (3 qts.)

Essential Collapsible Silicone Colander with footed base for draining, rinsing and washing foods and produceMade from heat-resistant, FDA-approved silicone to 500-degrees Fahrenheit and 18/8 stainless steel handlesStores easily and saves space; stands 5-inches tall when expanded and collapses down to 1-inchDoubles as a vegetable steamer over a pot of boiling water; 3-quart capacity; dishwasher safe

Catalog code CCOLAND3 price $24.95