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25th Anniversary Limited Edition Original Singing Bird Clock

First produced in 1996 with over 8 million sold, our As Seen On TV 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Original Singing Bird Clock features Enhanced Artwork & New Dynamic Authentic Sounds of some of the most recognizable Songbirds in North America. As a bonus, detailed packaging and an included Field Guide provide bird habits and habitat information. With bird watching the second most popular hobby in North America, the 25th Anniversary Original Singing Bird Clock will be wildly popular with “birders” and lovers of the outdoors alike! Light sensor deactivates songs when room is dark. Clock has a green frame and requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Clock measures 13" wide x 13" high.

Catalog code CLKSNAB25 price $34.95

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Digibirds Twin Pack Interactive, Electronic Animated Pet

Digibirds are interactive birds who tweet when you pat then, sing when you whistle and respond to you when you talk! Two birds together will magically connect, sing and move like a choir. Digibirds come with a Digi Clip to allow you to carry them around. Birds require 1 AAA battery (included). For ages 3 plus.

Catalog code DIGIBIRDS price $31.95

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Fun Times Fannie the Swan

Gather all the girls together for some good times. Press Fannie's foot and her neck turns and wings flap as she sings "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". Fun Times Fannie measures 14" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code FTFANN price $15.00
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Walter the Wisecracking Parrot

You better have a sense of humor to deal with this ridiculously hilarious wisecracking parrot. Just walk pass his motion sensor and his beak moves and wings flap as he lets fly five insulting phrases like, "You better stop taking those ugly pills--you're making me sick!" He even comes with a perch so you can hang him to surprise those unsuspecting guests. Walter requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Catalog code WALTERP price $15.95