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Fever Frog


This love struck fellow is just so much in love that he's feverish in love with you! Give Fever Frog's foot a press and his body sways side to side while his cheeks and thermometerlight up. He makes cute frog sounds and sings "Fever" as his temperature rises. Fever Frog measures 12" and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code FEVFROG price $26.95

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Singing Beary Smooth (3 Available)

Surprise that special someone with our plush and cuddly Beary Smooth bear. Give his foot a press and Beary Smooth sways and moves his mouth as he sing "Let's Get It On". He sports a bowtie and holds a bouquet of flowers. Makes a great Valentine or Mother's Day gift. He measures 12" and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code BEARYS price $15.00
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Roll-N-Go Sun Hat

Roll - Snap - Go! Sun hats are difficult to travel with. They tend to be misshapen and wrinkled once you get to where you're going. They never pack well flat. But wait, now there's a solution. Just roll - snap - go with the new Roll-n-Go Sun Hat. A revolutionary design that allows you to roll the sun hat tight so it's easy to pack. The braided leatherette roll strap with snap also doubles as a decorative addition. Comes in four colors (our choice please).

Catalog code RGSUNHAT price $14.95

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Morning Melody Alarm Clock


Rise and shine to the beautiful tone of the Morning Melody. This model is equipped with the very first "melody fix" function that allows you to pick the melody that you would like to hear every morning. It can play one of the 38 melodies, or rotate through all of them. Additional features include:: on/off switch, volume control, snooze button and light. Clock is battery quartz operated and requires 2AA batteries included. It measures 5 1/4" high x 5 1/2" wide and comes with a one year warranty.

Catalog code CLKMORNM price $89.95

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Noah Breast Cancer Awareness Bear


The Noah Healing Hero Bear in PINK speaks with love and support for everyone who is heroically fighting BREAST cancer. Noah benShea is one of North America's most beloved and respected poet philosophers. Now his words of inspiration and hope can be heard in a heartwarming reading by the author himself. This 12" Golden brown shaggy bear’s mouth moves, while the Noah Bear REMINDS THE RECIPIENT THEY ARE NOT ALONE AND offers support to all who are with courage and grace fighting cancer AND CHEERING A CURE – SOON! Bear requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code NOAHBC price $27.95

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Ladies Dual Voice Talking Watch w/Velcro Strap

While it has only one button, this silver tone watch announces the time, day and date, year, and has a beeping Alarm. It is very simple to set and even easier to use. Best of all, this talking watch has a comfortable Velcro strap that's easy to put on and size. Features both Male and Female voices that announce the Time by pressing the button once. Pressing the button twice announces the Day, Date, and Year. The watch also features easy to read numbers with a red second hand and an alarm which can be easily set. The strap is a fashionable black on white with a Velcro strap that fits any size. Choose white or black strap each sold separately.

Catalog code WAFV price $59.95

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1 Button Ladies or Men's Talking Watch


While it has only one button, this two tone watch announces the time, day and date, year, and has a beeping Alarm. It is very simple to set and even easier to use. The design is stylish so the flex band is tapered and the crown has a beautiful oversized pumpkin crown with cabochon. This stylish watch also features both a male and female voice and its large font can be easily read by those with low vision. Watch requires 1 CR2025 battery included.

Catalog code WA1B price $57.95

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Classic Ladies' or Men's Talking Watch


Rich design, this stylish, polish finish, two-tone watch is perfect to wear for casual or dressy occasions. Metal watch features clear male voice, audio clock and alarm settings, calendar and hourly announcement. Leather strap or expansion band keeps it secure on the arm when wearing. Batteries included.

Catalog code WACC01 price $59.95