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Maze Gift Card Holder

MAKE GETTING A GIFT CARD MORE FUN! Rollthe metal ball through the maze to open the gift card holder!? PERFECTLY SIZED Gift card holder maze works with all types of gift cards. NOT JUST FOR GIFT CARDS You can also use this gift card holder for stowing cash! REUSABLE Gift card holder can be closed and used again and again! Pass along the fun or give it again to a special person. Holder measures 5.5" X 3.3" X 0.6".

Catalog code GCMAZE price $5.95

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Indubitably Talking Pen Glasses

Do you find your writing is not as sophisticated as you would like? Does putting pen to paper frighten you? Fret no more with our humorous talking pen. Let this bespectacled genius guide you to literary greatness. Writer?s block be damned. Nerds of all ages can appreciate the Big Bang Theory like kitsch of this astute looking pen. Press the button and hear the term "Indubitably"! You will no doubt be enlightened.

Catalog code INDPEN price $7.50

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Pocket Telescope

Gaze at the stars with this handy telescope! Pocket sized for easy transport and it magnifies up to 8x! Perfect for those starry nights! Telescope measures 7 1/2" long.

Catalog code PKTTEL price $7.95

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Singing & Animated Elephant


This adorable and pink plush elephant never forgets to sing his favorite song. Give his foot a press and he bobss his head, and flaps his ears to the music while singing "Do Your Ears Hang Low." Its great to collect and add him to our other fun and exciting singing and animated animals. Elephant stands 12" tall and requires 3 AAA batteries included.

Catalog code MELEPH price $27.95

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Donald Trump Toilet Roll Talker


FILL YOUR BATHROOM WITH DONALD TRUMP'S VOICE - Prank friends and family with this ingenious Donald Trump toilet paper roll holder that makes your regular toilet paper talk! Just insert it into any roll of toilet paper and PREPARE FOR SOME SERIOUS LAUGHS! 100% AUTHENTIC DONALD TRUMP - Digitally recorded in high quality sound definition from Trump's speeches and interviews, this Donald Trump toilet talker makes a perfect novelty gift to prank your friends and family. Includes 8 of his most famous sayings. Batteries included.

Catalog code TTR01D price $14.95

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LED Whistle Key Finder

Having trouble keeping up with your keys or even the remote. Let our LED Key Finder solve that dilemna. Just whistle or use the handy included whistle and the keychain finder will light and beep. Finally a solution to an irritating problem. Keychain measures 2 1/2" and whistle measures 2" with included lanyard. Batteries included.

Catalog code LKEYF price $4.95

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Star Trek: Light-and-Sound Borg Cube (Miniature Edition)

fans and collectors will love this one-of-a-kind, mini-size collectible Borg cube with light and sound. The Borg cube is a cube-shaped spacecraft that is one of the largest, most powerful and fastest vessels in the Star Trek Galaxy. Kit includes: Light-up Borg cube with sound, Display base, 48-page book on the history of Borg cubes and full-color photos

Catalog code STBCUBE price $12.95

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LED Music Flying Disc with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Our LED music Flying Disc with wireless speaker is perfect for home, beach, camping, tailgating and pool fun. Disc has incredible sound quality adding to music and fun all in one! Its easy to charge the rechargeable battery with its USB magnetic charging cable. Have fun with friends and family during the day or night with this durable LED illuminating flying disc. Additional features: wireless speaker has a range of 160 feet, waterproof and magnetic USB charging (cable included). Comes in assorted colors (our choice please). For ages 8 and up.

Catalog code FLYDISC price $19.95

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Tipalert Toilet Seat Alarm

Having trouble getting the fellas to remember to put the seat down? This handy device plays music with flashing lights and fun voice messages helps remind him to put the toilet seat downwhen he's done.He's even rewarded by crowd cheers when the seat actually goes down! A light flashes every 15" to let you know when the seat is up in the dark of night. Its peel and stick backing attaches easily to the underside of any toilet seat and its water resistant case guarantees hygiene.

Catalog code TIPALERT price $8.95

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Walter the Wisecracking Parrot

You better have a sense of humor to deal with this ridiculously hilarious wisecracking parrot. Just walk pass his motion sensor and his beak moves and wings flap as he lets fly five insulting phrases like, "You better stop taking those ugly pills--you're making me sick!" He even comes with a perch so you can hang him to surprise those unsuspecting guests. Walter requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Catalog code WALTERP price $15.95

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Chuck the Animated Woodchuck Plush


see if you can keep up with this adorable and huggable plush fellow. Chuck loves to challenge you in a hilarious round of tough tongue twisters songs. Can you keep up? Press his foot, and his mouth, head and body moves as he takes the tongue-twister and makes a game of it, singing faster and faster each time, challenging you to keep up! The whole family will have fun singing one of the 3 tongue twister songs and "The Green Grass Grows All Around" song. Chuck sits 12" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code WOODCH price $36.95

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Duh Button

10 Duh Phrases: When someone states the obvious, they deserve a little more than just an eye roll. Our suggestion? The Duh! Button! This funny toy unleashes blunt phrases like, "Well, duh!" and "Like, duh!" for a wacky gag gift both kids and adults will love. Button requires 2 AAA batteries included.

Catalog code DUHBUT price $8.95