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Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The JAM Transit delivers headphone sound without the headphone bulk. Lightweight and super comfortable, they're the perfect on-ear headphones for light to moderate activity. Our bluetooth wireless headphones feature Bluetooth wireless functionality and works up to 30 feet, with speakerphone mode to switch from music to calls. It connects easily to your Apple iPhone, iPad, Google Android, or other Bluetooth enabled smart phone or electronics. Its precision drivers give you superior bass and a big sound, without the hassle of cords. You can Charge for 3 hours to provide up to 11 hours of play time. Headphones measure 3 1/2 x 3 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches.

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Ultra Talking Ear/Forehead Thermometer w/Pulse Rate

This ear and forehead temperature also provides fingertip pulse reading. It takes temperature in seconds whether in ear or forehead and speaks and displays read-outs in Fahrenheit or Celsius or displays heart rate with a fingertip reading. But the pulse reading is not spoken. It has a built-in flashlight for night use. Features include: large LCD display of date and time with back-lighting, stores last 30 readings, audible read-out of previously temperatures, and durable and easy to clean. It measures 1 x 1 1/2 x 5 inches and requires 2 AAA batteries included.

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Yes Man


Yes Man-he always agrees with you! Wouldn't it be great to have someone agree with you all the time no matter what! The Yes Man always will. Just tell him about your great ideas and he will cheerfully respond with one of eight ego boosting phrases like "I couldn't agree with you more", "Oh yeah, I'm sure whatever your thinking is correct" and more. Or, record four of your own witty remarks. Then speak and your executive Yes Man will respond to your voice. Makes a great office novelty. He measures 6" tall and requires 1 9-volt battery included.

Catalog code YESMAN price $12.50
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Hotline to God Phone


Isn't it nice to know that when you pick up this telephone, God's words are immediately available to you? Lift the handset and press the dial button to hear one of 25 inspirational bible verses such as John 3:16, Psalm 23 or James 1:22 for private listening, or simply leave the handset in its cradle and press the dial button to play a verse. The volume can be adjusted to your desire. Phone is made of robust plastic construction and will compliment any decor. Makes a wonderful gift for a pastor or loved one. Batteries included.

Catalog code HLPHONE price $15.95
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Talking & Repeating Parrot

Place this fun Talking Parrot on your desk at home or office and watch the fun begin. His sound sensor Technology - automatically records when you start talking.Parrot's hidden mic records your voice and he'll repeat what you say twice. & . He randomly whistles, says "Hello", "I see you", "I love you" and Tweeps. He even moves side to side, opens his beak and flaps his wings. Talking Parrot effective range is three feet and comes with a handy pen holder. Parrot measures 5 3/4" x 4 1/4" x 10 1/4" and requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

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Sweet Tooth Bear


Our new plush bear loves candy especially this time of year. He dawns his cat costume and whiskered mask and sways and moves his mouth to the song "I Want Candy." He might not win the best costume contest, but sure cute enough to delight those trick or treaters. Bear measures 19" and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code HSWEETB price $13.50
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Wild West Shooting Set


Take aim at some rootin' tootin' gun shootin' action with the Wild West Shooting Set. Set comes complete with everything you need to develop your sharp shooting skills and challenge family and friends to friendly head-to-head competition. Includes agun that shoots a harmless infrared light beam, a log that makes a great target base, and four targets that fly off the base when the shooter "hits the mark" from up to 20-feet away. Shooting set plays authentic saloon music and when cans or bottles are hit, you will hear realistic gun shot and glass breaking sound. Set includes gun, target platform log and four reusable targets (2 plastic cans and 2 breakaway plastic bottles). Wild West Shooting Set measures 20" long and requires 4 D cells (not included) and 2 AA batteries included. For ages 8 and up.

Catalog code WWSHOOT price $39.95
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Cat & Mouse Animatronic Bank


Fun for children and adults! Place your coin into the mouse's cart and watch in amazement as the mouse moves into the barn just excaping the grasp of the watchful cat, only to appear again with a empty cart. The action happens as the coin is deposited and fun music plays. Great way to save money! Bank measures 5" x 5" x 4" and requires 2 AA batteries (not included). For ages 5 and up.

Catalog code CMBNK price $10.95
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Will Power Magnet


He's on a mission! Wherever there are people who want to stay healthy, eat right and exercise, Will Power will be there to encourage you. Press the button on this super hero magnet to hear Will Power speak 7 encouraging phrases like "Will Power says walking is good, walking to the bakery not AS good, thank you" "Will Power says keep doing the stuff that makes you buff, thank you" "Will Power says you are some kind of wonderful, thank you" and more. Keep him handy right there on the fridge or stand him up on the counter. Will Power magnet measures 4" tall and requires 3 AG13 button cell batteries included.

Catalog code WPMAG price $6.95
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Shove It! Pen Set


Want a off color way to hold your pen? Let our wacky pen holder lend a helping hand. Each time you place your pen in the special place in the holder, you'll hear funny farting sounds. Fun gift to give or receive. Holder requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code SHOVEP price $5.00
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Hee Hees Animated Laughing Monkey Plush


He's even more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Just wave or walk in front of this hilarious motion activated plush monkey to watch him jiggle and laugh uncontrollably. His laughter can be contagious! Monkey measures 14" long and requires 3 AA batteries included. For 12 months and up.

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Furree Faces Animal Sound Masks

Your child will enjoy playing with these realistic masks that allow your child's imaginations to run wild! Furree Faces promotes storytelling and role-play. These headband style masks fit gently on your child's face, then press the nose to hear realistic animal sounds. Masks are perfect for parties, classroom activities and more. Each sold separately. Collect all the animals! Masks measure 11" x 7" x 8" and batteries are included.

Catalog code FF01 price $3.95
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