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Feel Better Bear (Back by Popular Demand)


Here's a cuddly friend to cheer up anyone under the weather or down in the dumps. Feel Better Bear wears a soft felt shirt which says, "Feel Better, Because I Feel Better When You Do." Squeeze his hand and his mouth moves as he recites a heart-warming reading by author Noah BenShea. Noah BenShea is one of North America's most beloved and respected poet philosophers. He is the international best selling author of 20 books translated into 8 languages. Now his words of inspiration and hope can be heard in a heartwarming reading by the author himself in the Noah Bear. Bear measures 12" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code NOAHBF price $29.95

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World's Smallest Microscope

See amazing detail. Complete with LED light and adjustable focus. To use the microscope,turn on the LED light by using the on/off switch. Place the object to be viewed underthe main lens. Look through the eyepiece to observe the object with up to 10x magnification.Use the focus adjustment dial if the image is blurry or out of focus. Requires 3x AG10 batteries included.

Catalog code WSMIRO price $7.95

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Pocket Drawing Projector

A novel and exciting way to develop drawing skills, this Pocket Drawing Projector from our inspiring Explore & Discover range lets your child project six images onto paper which they can then trace over, letting them practice art anywhere. Practice drawing a tree, bicycle, elephant, shark, horse and car. For ages 6 and up.

Catalog code PDRAWP price $9.95

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Pocket Kite

Brighten up blustery days with this rainbow coloured kite. Mini sized to pop in your pocket or keep in your bag ready for the perfect windy day. Complete with hard storage case to keep the string tangle free, nothing beats the feeling of flying a kite. For ages 6 and up.

Catalog code PKTKITE price $6.95

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Novelty Pocket periscope

Perfect for looking around corners, over walls and even under fences. This Pocket Periscope is part of our Science & Education range and will have young explorers keen to figure out how it works. Handily pocket sized so children can learn at everyopportunity. Fun, imaginative play: hours of backyard fun for little ones ages 6 and up

Catalog code PPERIS price $11.95

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Pocket Metal etector

You might be standing above buried treasure and not even know it. This mini metal detector is conveniently pocket sized for on-the-go exploring and lucky hunters could discover gold, silver, ferrous and non-ferrous metals up to a depth of 5cm. An adjustable dial on the side can modify the sensitivity so you’ll find the perfect sized treasure. For ages 6 and up.

Catalog code PMETALD price $14.95

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I Don't Know Button

10 Hilarious IDK Sound Clips: Whether you’re called on in class or your boss wants a new idea, sometimes you just don’t know! Our funny button delivers phrases like, "I Don't Know," “Yo, I don’t know, yo,” and “I dunno,” to ensure your messages arereceived loud and clear. Take It Anywhere: Lightweight, compact and portable, you can take a little humor with you wherever you go! It’s the perfect desk toy or paperweight, making it a uniquegag or office gift. Button requires 2 AA batteries included.

Catalog code IDKBUT price $8.95

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I Love You Mini Talking Cupcake Squeezer

Give an "I love you" gift that keeps on expressing your love. Give this plush colorful cupcake a squeeze and it speaks 4 adorable phrases: "You make my heart flutter", "Give me a kiss", You make me so happy" and "I love you so much". Makes a great Valentine's Day or just because gift. Cupcake measures 4" and batteries are included.

Catalog code SVCUPC price $5.95

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Singing Beary Smooth

Surprise that special someone with our plush and cuddly Beary Smooth bear. Give his foot a press and Beary Smooth sways and moves his mouth as he sing "Let's Get It On". He sports a bowtie and holds a bouquet of flowers. Makes a great Valentine or Mother's Day gift. He measures 12" and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code BEARYS price $29.95

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My Piggy Piper


Have fun singing along with our plush and cuddly Piggy Piper. Press Piggy Piper's foot and he sways, flaps his ears and sings two songs "Old MacDonald" and "Farmer in the Dell". Press his other foot and he plays an imitation game. Piggy measures 12" and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code MYPPIP price $32.00

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Bible Time Hanna the Elephant


Introduce your child to the beautiful stories of the bible with our new plush Bible Time Hanna the Elephant with her baby elephant. Give Hanna's foot a press and each time you press her foot, she sways and recites 8 bible stories from Moses to Jesus's life. As an added bonus, press her other foot and it plays a melody of "This Little Light of Mine".Hanna makes a great teaching aid for the little ones and a great cuddly elephant for everyone in the family to enjoy. Hanna measures 12" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code BTHANNA price $29.95

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Rocket Dream Ship


Watch their imagination grow as your little ones have fun with our plush rocket ship. Give this 10" ship a squeeze and the Dream Ship will glow to an intergalactic melody. Rocket ship will provide hours of outer space fun! Ship requires 3 AAA batteries included.

Catalog code ROCKETS price $23.95