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World's Smallest Blower

Perfect for home, work or on the go. This miniature hand blower has strong Air Power to get the job done. Its ergonomic Design, makes it easy to handle for big or little hands. No Batteries Required! Just charge it with the extra Long- 60" Cable (included). Plugs into USB Computers or Charging Adapters

Catalog code WSBLOW price $9.95

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Pocket IQ Test

Ever wanted to know your IQ? Discover your score with our fun and revealing Pocket IQ Test. Compact kit contains 2 sets of questions and answers, a scoring system and instructions. Suitable for age 9and up.

Catalog code PKTIQ price $8.95

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Singing & Walking Flirtle Turtle


This cute turtle will sing and walk straight into your sweetie's heart. Give his leg a press and he'll start singing, wiggling and walking as he sings "Do You Love Me." Flirtle Turtle wears a red ribbon around his neck to polish off his "I love you" look. He measures 12" long and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code FLTURT price $27.95

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Funky Monkey


Let the show begin! Our fun Funky Monkey struts his stuff for you! Give his foot a press and our 12" Funky Monkey dances and lights to "24K Magic." There's magic in the air every time you make him come alive! Funky Monkey requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code FUNKYM price $32.95

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Electronic Sound Bites 2.5

Our newest Sound Machine has 20 hi-fidelity sound effects that you can press in every day situations to make your life seem more likea TV show. Carry it in your pocket to liven up family gatherings or brint it to work to make that all important point. Whatever the situation, this pint size fun sound effects will bring laughs galore! A few of the sounds effects are: cat screeching, explosions, burping, sneezing and lots more! Sound bites 2.5 measures 2" x 4" x 1/2" and requires 3 AG13 Button cell batteries included.

Catalog code SBITES25 price $7.95

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Talking & Repeating Parrot

Place this fun Talking Parrot on your desk at home or office and watch the fun begin. His sound sensor Technology - automatically records when you start talking.Parrot's hidden mic records your voice and he'll repeat what you say twice. & . He randomly whistles, says "Hello", "I see you", "I love you" and Tweeps. He even moves side to side, opens his beak and flaps his wings. Talking Parrot effective range is three feet and comes with a handy pen holder. Parrot measures 5 3/4" x 4 1/4" x 10 1/4" and requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Catalog code RPARROT price $14.95

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World's Smallest Color Changing LED Glitter Lamp

Introducing, the World?s Smallest Glitter Lamp! Twist the base to turn on, shake it up and watch the glitter whirl around this tiny little rocket shaped glitter lamp enhanced by the Red, Blue and Green LED Lights. Take it into a dark room, and you feel like you are watching your own mini rocket ship gearing up for take off!! This glitter lamp is perfect for the office or desk at home. Button cell batteries included. For 5 and up.

Catalog code WSGLAMP price $5.95

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World's Smallest Walkie Talkies

The World's Smallest Walkie Talkies are ideal for your little investigators. Kid-sized yet totally high-tech, these walkie talkies can be used to talk or to exchange morsecode (instructions included), depending on just how secretive they want to be! With the power to penetrate walls, floors, steel, and even concrete, these kids walkie talkie radios have a range up to 150 feet. Antennas are flexible for pocket portability.Includes 2 World's Smallest Walkie Talkies. Button cell batteries included! For ages 6 to Adult.

Catalog code WSWALKT price $11.95

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Thing You Fling Yoyyo with Sound Effects


Take yoyoing up a notch! Fun yoyo packed with fun sounds. Each time you fling the yoyo it make one of twelve different sound effects. Comes in assorted colors and designs (our choice please). Makes a great stress reliever! Yoyo measures 7 1/2 long and batteries included. For ages 5 to adult

Catalog code TFYOYO price $5.95

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Pocket Party Mini Sound Machine Keychain


There's a party in my pocket and you're invited! Start the party at the touch of a button with this mini sound machine. Drum roll please! This cool balloon shaped key-ring produces 4 fun party sound effects. Set off the party horns or cheer along to a hip hip hooray. Batteries included.

Catalog code PPARTYSM price $5.95

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Like Button


Give it a like: they may be all over the internet, but our funny talking toy is bringing the like button to life! Show your support for a great idea, share in a friend’s good news or just spread a little positivity by giving everyday situations a big thumbs-up. It’s packed with fun audio clips like, "like," "me likey," and "i like it," for a silly symphony that never gets old or stale. The flashing lights add an extra bit of fun while the compact, grab-and-go size allows you to take it virtually anywhere. Button requires 2 AAA batteries included.

Catalog code LIKEBUT price $8.95

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Singing Waldo the Walrus


You won't be able to forget this plush and cuddly walrus. Give his foot a press and this soulful Walrus sways and wails to the Cee Lo Green hit "Forget You!" He's dressed in his formal attire and holds a red rose. He makes a great just because gift. Waldo stands 12" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code WALDO price $15.00
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