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Black Forest Clock with Cuckoo and Westminster

New! Bring the charm and whimsy to your home or office with our new battery-operated mini Black Forest clock. A three position switch inside the battery compartment allows you to switch from cuckoo each hour, Westminster chime hourly or silent mode. The pendulum swings side to side while dancers turn. Clock measures 9.75" high x 7" wide x 3.75" deep and requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Made in Germany with 1 year warranty.

Catalog code CLKDCHIME price $89.95

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Audubon Singing Bird Wall Clock


12 different bird sounds at the top of each hour! Perfect clock to hang in any room or office. Clock features 12 beautifully photographed most popular North American song birds that will sing each hour, a different bird every hour. Clock is officially licensed by the National Audubon Society. Light sensor deactivates clock when room is dark. The birds on the clock working clockwise from noon are Summer Tanager, Song Sparrow, Purple Martin, American Goldfinch, Wood Thrush, Common Yellow throat, Eastern Meadowlark, Carolina Wren, Eastern Bluebird, Red-winged Blackbird, Yellow Warbler, and finally the Hermit Thrush. Clock measures 8" in diameter and requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Catalog code CLKBIRD3 price $29.95

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Expresso II Wall Clock

Ultra-modern in its design, the Espresso II is finished in a rich espresso color. The sleek silver pendulum and silver accents compliments the elegance of this attractive wall clock. Enjoy the powerful sound of the Westminster chime or beautiful melodies at the top of each hour. A four position switch on back will allow you to select; Westminster chime, Westminster chime every 15 minutes, one of 16 popular melodies hourly or one of three Christmas melodies each hour. Clock can be adjusted for auto night shut-off between 11 PM and 5:45 AM, 24 hour play mode or silent mode. Its richness of sound and its heirloom quality construction will make this clock a focal point in any room. Clock measures 28" high x 10" wide and requires 2 C batteries included.

Catalog code CLKEXP price $219.95

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Musical Cuckoo Clock


Add the beauty of a genuine, hand-carved wooden cuckoo clock to your home or office. Each clock is hand-crafted and made of solid linden wood with a walnut finish. The face of the clock has white hands and white Roman numerals. Each hour a cuckoo appears from his double doors, cuckoos the hour along with the sound of a babbling brook in the background. When the cuckoo stops, then 1 of 12 melodies play. Additional features include; light sensor, volume control and three way switch (music on/music off/off). Enjoy this decorative clock without the headaches of rewinding plus the accuracy of quartz movement. Clock measures approximately 9" tall and requires 3 C batteries (not included).

Catalog code CLKCK price $139.95

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Man Wall Clock

Perfect clock for his man cave! Each hour he'll hear 12 familiar manly sounds like, slurp slurp, burp, snoring, fart, flush, scratch scratch, pick pick and lots more. Light sensor deactivates the clock when the room is dark. Clock measures 10" in diameter and requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Catalog code CLKMAN price $15.95
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