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Collapsible Mini Produce Keeper

Wash and store your produce all in one container with our mini collapsible produce keeper! This produce keeper is uniquely designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer and then collapse for compact storage. The adjustable vents regulate air flow to help the contents stay crisp. Perfect for fruits and vegetables, especially carrots, berries, grapes and herbs. Clear lid for easy identification of contents. Produce storage guide is printed on the front of the container. it also doubles as a colander. This item can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher in either the open or collapsed position. Collapsed measurement 10" long x 5" wide x 1 1/2" high, open measurement 10" long 5" wide x 5 1/2" high. BPA free.

Catalog code CPROK price $12.95

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Collapsible Measuring Cups

Our Collapsible Measuring Cups collapse to ? their original height, saving you storage space and easily fitting in any drawer. Set includes a storage ring to keep drawers organized and cups together. Cups are easy to read with standard and metric measurements. Five piece measuring cup set includes 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup, and one cup. Easy to pop out sticky ingredients like brown sugar or peanut butter.Cups are BPA Free. They can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher in either the open or collapsed position.

Catalog code CMCUPS price $9.95

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Collapsible Bucket

Who has room for a bucket? You do with this easy to store collapsible bucket. Made of sturdy silicone, it folds flat, so you can store it in the kitchen, the closet, or anywhere. You won't even know it's there until you need it. Unfolds into a 5 liter bucket. Also bucket has a handy carrying handle. Bucket stands 8" tall x 9 1/2" diameter.

Catalog code CBUCKET price $8.95

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Perfect Wedge 6-Blade Cutter

Slice small fruits and veggies into 6 wedges in seconds. Our V-shaped stainless steel blades and plunger keep foods centered and even while cutting. Blades are safely located inside the tube. This handy device can be used by pushing food item through the tube or by setting food item on the plunger and pushing the tube down over it. Ideal for potatoes, carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, mushrooms, strawberries and brussels sprouts. Cutter measures 7" x 5" and dishwasher safe

Catalog code 6CUTTER price $12.95

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Musical Pasta Timer


Al Dente will sing to you when your pasta is ready. Simply cook Al Dente together with your pasta in your pot. Al Dente looks like a Mafioso, but all he wants is to help. He can be looked upon as the pasta kitchen servant. When the pasta is Al Dente, he will play classic Italian melodies. Once Al Dente with his concrete shoes gets into contact with boiling water, he will start an electronic pasta-cooking-program that will play tunes calling you to take both pasta and Al Dente out of the water. Al Dente plays 4 different tunes covering almost every possible kind of pasta. The song will tell you when your type of pasta is just right and "Al Dente". He plays melodies like, "That's Amore" after 3 minutes, (e.g. Angel Hair Pasta), "The Godfather Theme" after 7 minutes (e.g. for Fetuccine), "Tarantella Napoletana" after 9 minutes (e.g. for Spaghetti), "Prisoners` Choir" after 11 minutes (e.g. Fussili).Just check your cooking time for your type of pasta and take it out of the pot as soon as the right melody plays. Al Dente is a great gift,especially in combination with a bottle of wine or some good pasta. Timer is dishwasher safe.

Catalog code ALDENTE price $19.95

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Collapsible Dish Tub

The Collapsible Dish Tub is a versatile tool for all your household tasks. Use our collapsible tub at home for washing dishes, cleaning floors and more. Take it camping to use as a dish tub or to hold all those delicious ingredients for s'mores. Best of all, the tub collapses to ? its original height for compact storage. Large 10 qt (9.46 long) capacity. Raised feet allow water to flow underneath. Rigid design allows tub to stand on its own yet still folds easily for storage. Diswasher safe.

Catalog code CDPAN price $15.95

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Quarter Cutter

Quarters small veggies and fruit in seconds! V-shaped stainless steel blades and plunger keep foods centered and even while cutting. Blades are safely located inside the tube to help hands and fingers stay safe from accidents. Cutter is ideal to use to quarter carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, mushrooms, strawberries and brussels sprouts. Also great for eggs, fingerling or baby potatoes, hotdogs and mozzarella balls. Comes in three colors white, Green and Clear. Dishwasher safe.

Catalog code QCUTTER price $9.95

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4 Piece Microwave On-the-Go! Bowl

This leak-proof container features cool-touch handles for easy retrieval from the microwave. The included toppings cup and snap-on spoon nest in the lid for secure transport. This on-the-go container is great for reheating soups, cooking ramen and more. 4 piece set includes: 3 1/2 cup capacity bowl, 3 Tablespoon capacity toppings cup, snap on spoon and lid. Unit is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Catalog code MOTGO price $8.95

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Microwave Small Bacon Grill with Lid

Perfect for cooking bacon, frozen snacks, sausage links or reheating pizza. Cook 4-6 strips of bacon at one time. Easy drain reservoir to keep grease off food. Vented cover prevents grease splatters and keeps microwave clean. Grill measures 10" x 7" and is BMC and High Heat PP. Dishwasher safe.

Catalog code SGRILL price $9.95

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Large Microwave Grill

Cook delicious bacon in the microwave in minutes! This specially designed microwave grill keeps bacon elevated so fat drips off and you are left with a healthier breakfast side. Our microwave grill also works great for heating frozen snacks or reheating leftovers like pizza. Cook 7-9 strips of bacon at once. Stackable for cooking larger quantities or a combination of foods at the same time. Also perfect for cooking sausage links or patties. Simply adjust cook time for chewy to crispy bacon. It measures 12" x 10". Grill is BPA Free and didshwasher safe.

Catalog code LGRILL price $9.95

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Reel Roaster

Hand Crank Marshmallow and Hot Dog RoasterReel in the perfect marshmallow or hog dog! It's easy and fun with the Reel Roaster. Simply place a marshmallow or two—or even a hot dog—on the telescopic skewer. Then crank the handle on the fishing reel. This rotates the skewer and ensures that the marshmallow or hot dog is cooked to perfection. 27" telescopic stainless steel skewer - you control the desired length from fire. Detachable skewer - makes cleanup fast and easy. Great fun for camping, cookouts, and backyard barbecues - ideal for kids and adults.

Catalog code REELR price $14.95

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Moo Mixer Supreme

Push Button Chocolate Milk Mixer! The 16 oz. Moo Mixer Supreme features an easy to use trigger button, fun to hold handle and large detachable clear tumbler. Just add milk, chocolate and imagination! Perfect for mixing hot or cold drinks. Battery operated and dishwasher safe. The trigger button activates a whirling vortex of power to thoroughly dissolve chocolate powder mixes or syrups! Safe for small heifers and hungry calves. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Catalog code MMIXER price $14.95