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Three-Prong Liquid Level Indicator

Forget getting those embarrassing moments when you over pour your glass or coffee cup. No more placing your finger inside the cup to tell how high the liquid is inside. Our new Three-Prong Liquid Level Indicator will signal you instantly how much liquid has accumulated in your cup or glass. Simply hang this liquid level indicator on any cup or glass with a rim thinner than 3/8" and you'll know when to stop pouring. A chirping noise is sounded when the low vision primary sensors are touched by liquid. If the liquid continues to be poured and contacts the secondary sensor, a higher-pitched chirping noise warning you to stop will be sounded.

Catalog code LLIND price $12.95

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3 Quart Microwave Popcorn Popper

Make fresh, hot popcorn in your microwave in just 2 minutes without the use of oil - helps reduce calories. Easy to use and more economical than buying packaged popcorn. Put the kernels in the perforated silicone lid along with the butter and seasonings. The butter will melt and distribute seasonings evenly as the kernels pop. Instructions and recipes included. The carafe is made from high-heat borosilicate glass and yields more popped kernels with less burnt pieces. It looks like a coffee pot, 7 inches in diameter and easily fits in most home microwaves.

Catalog code MPOPC price $27.95

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Chef and Waiter Salt & Pepper Shakers


Add some "sound bites" to your next meal with this motion-activated salt & pepper shaker set. Tilt the Chef (salt) and he tells you not to ruin his masterpiece. The Waiter (pepper) asks you to spice up your dish in his fancy accent. Each measure 5" tall, and a cinch to fill with seasoning. Our ceramic shakers require 3 LR44 batteries included.

Catalog code CHEFWSP price $14.95

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Slot Machine Salt & Pepper Shakers


Get lucky over your next meal with the motion-activated Gamblin' Granny Salt & Pepper shaker set. Tilt Granny (pepper) and she talks charms or curses the slot machine. The Slot (salt) Machine makes authentic gaming noises. These ceramic shakers measure approximately 5" tall. They require 3 LR44 batteries included.

Catalog code SLOTSP price $14.95

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SpeaksVolumz Talking Measuring Cup

Finally a talking measuring cup and scale for your kitchen. This easy to use, 3 cup capacity, measuring cup allows you to easily fill the plastic cup with liquids or dry ingredients. Place the cup on its base then press one button to hear measurements spoken in cups (speaks 1/3 and 1/4 cups), or you can choose weight in ounces. You can choose water, oil, milk, flour or sugar. It has auto shut-off and is dishwasher safe with an easy pour spout. Measuring cup requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Catalog code STCUP price $59.95

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Shotgun Shell Travel Mug


Go ahead make his day! He'll hear realistic shotgun sounds each time he raises his mug to take a sip. Shotgun Shell Mugs makes a great sportsman's gift or fun gift for dad. Ceramic mug holds 12 ounces and includes sound module that can be removed for easy cleanup. Mug requires 3 AG10 button cell batteries included.

Catalog code TMUG01S price $14.95

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Hero Hot Dog Steamer

Frankly speaking, you'll love this Hero hot dog steamer. Simply place the cooking tray on its base, add water and up to six hot dogs, and cook for about seven to nine minutes. The thermostat goes off and the steamer barks when your dogs are ready. Includes steamer and measuring cup. Tray is top rack dishwasher safe. Unit measures 9 1/2" long x 7 3/4" wide x 5 3/4" high and UL listed. You can wipe base clean with warm soapy water.

Catalog code HOTDOGS price $30.95

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Henrietta Hen Chirping Egg Cooker and Poacher

Now you can cook and poach eggs like the pros. Our new Henrietta Hen Chirping Egg Cooker and Poacher makes up to 7 hard Boiled eggs or 4 poached eggs at once. Shaped like a white chicken, this cooker includes a piercing pin to help keep the eggs from cracking. A cute chirp signals when the eggs are done. Dishwasher safe, excluding power base. UL listed and 90 day limited warranty.

Catalog code HEGGCOOK price $30.95

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Food Fighter Slammer


Have at it with this hilarious Food Fighter Slammer. Our funny face Food Fighter makes hilarious sound effects each time it lands. Now you can have a food fight with no cleanup necessary! Use it to play lots of tossing games. Choose our tomato, burito, cupcake, french fry, egg or hamburger. Each Food Fighter Slammer sold separately Collect them all! Batteries included.

Catalog code FFSLAM price $5.95

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Locked and Loaded Bottle Opener

Realistic cap gun sound effects! Every secret agent needs this stealth bottle opener in their spy kit! You'll always be ready when that call for a cold one is near. Batteries included.

Catalog code LLOPR price $10.95

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Shotgun Shell Pop Off Bottle Opener


Realistic shotgun sound effects! Go ahead, make my day...with a cold one! Hear realistic shotgun sound effects everytime you pop the top! Every cold one will hit the spot with this hilarious bottle opener. Batteries included.

Catalog code SGSOPR price $13.95

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Tickin' Time Bomb Kitchen Timer

Bombs away with this 60 minute mechanical timer. Turn top half clockwise until zero lines up with the arrow on the lower half, then turn counterclockwise, lining up the desired number of minutes (up to 60 minutes).Timer ticks away the minutes and the bell will ring when the time is up. Your cakes and other cooking will be the bomb! No batteries needed.

Catalog code TBTIMER price $11.95