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Fart Wallet


With this Fart Wallet, save up all your gas money! This brown wallet looks just like any other wallet that you or your friends would carry around, except for one thing: it makes farting noises when you open it. A great gag gift, this farting walletis sure to get laughs - as well as a few grossed-out looks from some unsuspecting people nearby. Batteries included.

Catalog code FARTWALL price $12.95

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Audubon Wallet


Stuck inside and missing the great outdoors? Now you can turn anyplace into a bird(call) sanctuary! The Audubon Birds wallet features beautiful paintings by John James Audubon, the great artist and ornithologist and a dozen bird calls and birdsongs. If you cover the wallet's light sensor, the wallet stays quiet. But if you uncover the sensor, every time you open the wallet you'll get to hear: American Robin, Blue Jay, Canada Warbler, Indigo Bunting, Mourning Dove, Northern Cardinal, Summer Tanager, Tree Swallow, Warbling Vireo, White-throated Sparrow and Wood Thrush. This wallet makes a perfect gift for bird-watchers, nature-lovers, people who like to prank their cats, or any of your fine, feathered friends. Wallet is made of durable Tyvekand measures 4" x 3 1/4" x 0.4".

Catalog code AUDWALL price $14.95