Mother's Day is May 8th ...

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Gifts that mother will treasure ...

While it has only one button, this silver tone watch announces the time, day and date, year, and has a beeping Alarm. It is very simple to set and even easier to use. Best of all, this talking watch has a comfortable Velcro strap that's easy to put on and size. Features both Male and Female voices that announce the Time by pressing the button once. Pressing the button twice announces the Day, Date, and Year. The watch also features easy to read numbers with a red second hand and an alarm which can be easily set. The strap is a fashionable black on white with a Velcro strap that fits any size. Choose white or black strap each sold separately.
Price $49.95

Large enough to hold all her jewelry treasures! This elegant styled glass music box features a silhouette of a woman holding a red rose with jewels encrusted on top. Open the lid to this black velvet lined music box and the original artist recording "Pretty Woman" plays. Box also features a large velvet lined drawer to hold even more of her precious jewels. Music box measures 4 1/2" high x 9 1/4" deep x 7" wide and requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

listen Price $45.95

She can't hardly wait to share her love with you! Give her hand a press and her head bobs while singing "Can't Hurry Love". Our plush tan bear holds a plush pink heart with XOXO appliqued on the front. Whitney measures 8" and requires 3 AAA batteries included.

listen Price $15.95

She's all dressed for that Easter parade! Give Flora Bear's hand a press and her head sways and mouth moves as he sings "What A Wonderful World." Flora wears a colorful floral dress and a pink hat. She looks like Spring and you'll feel like it too! Flora measures 19" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

listen Price $29.95

Small enough to fit in your handbag, Powerful enough to give your electronics a boost!The PPP3 charges Mobile Phones, Tablets, Handheld Games, MP3 Players, Cameras, E-Readers and More! It's rechargeable! Use over and over again! It takes approximately 4 to 6 hours to recharge the portable battery. Package includes compact power cord with USB port and five interchangeable tips to charge:iPhone 5/5s(8 pin)iPhone 4/4s, iPads, iPods (30 pin)Androids & Smart Phones (Micro USB)GPS & Games (Mini USB)Cell Phones (Nokia Connector). Comes in assorted colors (our choice please). Battery measures 7 1/2" x 1" x 4 1/4".
Price $24.95

When you need to say it in a special way, give this cute, plush, animated recordable teddy. Give his left foot a squeeze and record your own special 15 second message. Hear it by squeezing his left paw. He moves his mouth and head as he repeats the recorded message. Recordable bear holds a floral bouquet in his right paw. Makes a great personalized gift for any occasion or any age. Bear measures 11" and requires 3 AA batteries included.
Price $29.95

Here are some fun gifts for the grad ...

This compact, take-anywhere voice recorder with 1,151 hours of continuous recording time from 2GB of internal flash memory is perfect for on the go individuals who need the convenient and easy use of a device for all of those important notes or messages. The File management and other options are a cinch with the easy-to-use menu. Features like Voice Activation and fast/slow playback give you the flexibility to just sit back and relax. With its long battery life, the VN7200 can record for up to 86 hours before you have to replace or recharge batteries. Unit measures 4" x 1.5" x 1" and requires 2 AAA batteries included.
Price $39.95

The new graduate will enjoy receiving our new plush, Newton, the graduation owl. Our white, plush owl wears his black graduation cap and glasses and stands 10" tall. Give Newton a squeeze and he flaps his wings as the song "Pomp and Circumstances" plays. Fun gift for any graduate of any age. Requires 3 AA batteries included.

listen Price $19.95

Let our swingin' and dancin' graduate express the spirit of this proud occasion. Just give his hand a squeeze and this happy graduation plush bear dances and bobs his head to the song "I Feel Good." Our graduate holds his well-earned diploma and wears his black cap and gown. Bear stands 14" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

listen Price $21.95

Our 12" Graduation Bear wears a soft felt shirt which says, "DEAR GRAD ... Yahooo to you." Squeeze his hand and his synchronized mouth moves to a heart warming reading by author Noah BenShea. Noah BenShea is one of North America's most beloved and respected poet philosophers. He is the international best selling author of 20 books translated into 8 languages. Now his words of love and wisdom can be heard in a heart-warming reading by the author himself in the Noah Bear. Makes a special gift for that special grad! Graduation bear requires 3 AA batteries included.

listen Price $24.95

Graduation Betty Boop is holding the key to success. Give her hand a press and her body rotates and hips sway, while singing an original song, followed by "Happy Graduation To You." Great graduation gift for any grad! Betty stands 14" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

listen Price $39.95

Now you never have to reset your clock again! Our new talking atomic clock automatically self adjusts itself for daylight savings time and leap year. This radio controlled clock picks up the most powerful signal transmitted by the USA Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. Just set your time zone and let the clock do the rest. Clock also features: talking calendar, audio alarm settings, volume control, hourly report, auto-night shut-off, large one inch LCD display and easy one button operation to hear time and calendar. Clock measures 4 1/2" wide x 5 1/2" tall x 2 1/2" deep and requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

listen Price $39.95

Look what just arrived ...

Delightful or Frightful? Make Friends and Family Laugh out Loud With This HILLarious Novelty Talking Pen!! Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, show your support or sarcasm in the upcoming 2016 presidential election with the funniest political gift ever made! Love her or hate her, the HILLARY LAUGHING PENTM will have everyone in stitches! Includes a collection of genuine Hillary Clinton laughs, digitally recorded from real TV interviews. We challenge you to keep a straight face when you press the top of the pen and the motorized mouth of the look-a-like pen moves in sync with every giggle and guffaw of the potential next president. Every pen comes with replaceable batteries, meaning the laughs won't stop evenwhen the votes are in!

listen Price $14.95

They'll absolutely go wild with our new specialSafari animal sound effects Machine. Just push the 9 different buttons to discover these rowdy animals from deep in the bush, including favourites like the roaring lion, hissing snake and laughing hyena! Machine requires 3 button cell batteries included.

listen Price $13.95

Lil BUB is the most amazing cat on the planet. Discovered as the runt of a healthy feral litter in a tool shed in rural Indiana, she was taken in as a rescue when it was clear that she would require special care. Since then, BUB has overcome great challenges, is a published author, a talk show host, a movie star, and has helped raise well over $300,000 for animals in need. This talking Lil BUB bobblehead shows her sitting on her spaceship, and features her very own voice! Lil Bub stands approximately 6" tall and batteries are included.

listen Price $19.95

Need an answer now? Anything goes! Ask the nose! Who knows! The nose knows! With a simple press, you'll hear hundreds of randome sayings including "No problem" "Please" "You betcha" "Absolutely" "Why not" and more. All questions answered, anything goes when you press the nose. 100% accurate some of the time!

listen Price $9.95

Gather the kids around this adorable plush dog and start singing. Give his foot a press and our cute pooch flaps his ears and claps his hands while singing "Bingo". Bingo stands 11" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

listen Price $29.95

Powerful and surprising!Our new Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a must have in any meeting. This portable, compact Speaker combines great sound quality and versatility. Take it wherever you go! It allows you to enjoy your music and at the same time, you can also answer calls from your phone. The control panel at the bottom of the speaker allows you to control your playlists by pressing the skip forward, backward and pause button. There is a rotary wheel to control the volume. Its great sound quality is comparable to its battery life which gives you more than 5 hours of play time at maximum volume. You can also charge it anywhere via its Micro USB port. the3.5mm Audio socket allows you to enjoy it with any other device without Bluetooth. Box contains speaker, USB cable, audio cable and owner's manual. Speaker measures 2" tall x 2" wide.
Price $24.95

Unleash the mighty power of Lord Vader's lightsaber to cut your pizza! Modelled after Darth Vader's iconic weapon, this fun and functional kitchen utensil is a must have for any Star Wars fan or collector! The Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Pizza Cutter is made of plastic with a stainless steel blade and features Original Darth Vader lightsaber sounds which are activated as the pizza is cut! Pizza Cutter measures 8 1/2" and requires 3 "LR41 button cell batteries included.

listen Price $19.95

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