Labor Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September, that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. It was first nationally recognized in 1894 to placate unionists following the Pullman Strike. With the decline in union membership, the holiday is generally viewed as a time for barbeques and the end of summer vacations. Labor Day has come to be celebrated by most Americans as the symbolic end of the summer. In high society, Labor Day is (or was) considered the last day of the year when it is fashionable to wear white or seersucker. In celebration, Speak To Me Catalog is giving you Free Shipping.
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Take the guesswork out of boiling eggs! Drop the musical timer into the water when you cook real eggs. It measures water temp and calculates doneness of the eggs, then plays one of 3 songs: "Oh Susannah" for soft-boiled, "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" for medium, and "Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here" for hard-boiled! For best results, store BeepEgg together with your eggs, since both need an identical starting temperature. No matter if it will be in the fridge, or some shelf in the kitchen. BeepEgg and the real eggs have to enter water at the same time. Water "conditions" do not matter, though. BeepEgg is neither afraid of cold, nor boiling water. Just put them in the pan together, no matter at which temperature the water is. One BeepEgg can monitor as many eggs as you like during one boiling session. BeepEgg measures 2" long and includes built-in battery for hundreds of uses. Comes in assorted colors (our choice please).

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Make fresh, hot popcorn in your microwave in just 2 minutes without the use of oil - helps reduce calories. Easy to use and more economical than buying packaged popcorn. Silicone lid measures kernels and keeps them from popping out Perforated lid melts butter and distributes seasonings evenly to flavor popcorn during the popping process, like cheddar cheese, herb garlic Parmesan, or BBQ popcorn and more. Instructions and recipes included. Bulb-shaped carafe made from high-heat borosilicate glass (to resist shock and breakage) yields more popped kernels with less burnt pieces. Popper fits 99% of home microwaves. (Please note for best results: preheat the empty popper in the microwave for 1 minute 15 seconds. Use the silicone lid to measure corn kernels to the fill line, pour the kernels into the popper, and place silicone lid on top. If desired, add butter or margarine to the silicone lid along with any seasonings. Microwave according to instructions). Popcorn popper measures approximately 7" long x 7" wide x7" high and not intended for stove-top use.
Price $27.95

Our simple, yet stylish, resin wind chime is just the right added touch to any decor. Hang our 17" long wind chime from a window, fridge or even in your car. Its gentle chimes along with its pretty dolphin, creates a delicate and soothing chime sound. Great for a "just because" gift.

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LOSE THE HEADPHONES! Jambanz encourages safety when enjoying music. Jambanz uses bluetooth audio, freeing your music from your iPod Touch, mobile phone or tablet. Jambanz is designed to be easy to charge and to play. Jambanz is a great alternative to wearing headphones, which can cause hearing damage and distract from surrounding dangers. You can wear your music on your arm, or "slap" it on a bicycle, scooter, bedpost, desk lamp, or musical instrument. Jambanz is designed to be easy to charge and play, with spoken audio prompts (instead of beeps) to help in charging and device synching. Jambanz 2.0 features a built-in microphone that allows you to answer your smartphone calls over the speakerphone by simply pressing the power button once to answer.
Price $24.95

We have brought Dinosaurs back to life! Our new Roar & More plush dinosaur roars and moves with a push of a button! Each time you press his foot, Stegosaurus moves his arms, tail, body and gives out 5 gigantic dinosaur roars. Stegosaurus stands 12" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

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Your smartphone's new best friend! Enjoy high-quality sound with this Plantronics Marque 2 Bluetooth headset which fits comfortably in one ear. It works with bluetooth enabled devises like your mobile phone or iPad. Voiced instructions guide you through its simple setup process and talks you through pairing. You can answer your phone with a button or just say "Answer" or "Ignore" with your voice. Play your music, or get driving directions by accessing all the features of your smart phone. It charges via a USB connector. Small/medium/large ear loops are included for the best fit possible. Unit measures 1.9" x 0.6" x 0.4".
Price $59.95

Use our new lightweight and very portable cassette/recorder to play all of your treasured cassette tapes. Cassette recorder has a built-in microphone and lots more features. Features include: auto level control, 1-touch recording, fast-forward & rewind, volume control, headphone jack, external microphone with stand and jack, auxiliary jack for mp3 or other digital audio players, retractable carrying handle, and AC power adapter included.
Price $39.95

Now listening to your favorite CD got even more portable. This super light-weight, slim style personal CD player is perfect for those on the go. Features include; slim, compact design,plays CD/CD-R, CDR-RW, .4" LCD display, 60-sec skip protection, 2-line display, low battery indicator, playback features random, repeat, intro & program, rotary volume control, stereo headphone jack and earbuds. Player measures 5" in diameter and requires 2 AA batteries.
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Nothing screams Halloween like an evil creepy witch sitting on your porch and cackling at you. She'll terrify those pesky trick or treaters or delight them. Hang a KickingWitch on Swing on your front porch for a haunting look! Witch Has creeky dead skin and gray hair. Turn the switch on to watch the action as she lights up, move, talks and kick while sitting on her swing. Hanging witch measures 14" x 6" x 12" and requires 3 AA batteries included.

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Press the button for 16 spine-chilling sound bites! Blood-curdling scream, creaking door, spooky music, hooting owl, howling wolf, evil laughter, cackling witch and other hair-raising sound effects! Sound machine measures 4" x 2 1/2" and includes 3 replaceable button cell batteries. For ages 6 and up.

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Fun for both children and adults! Place your coin in front of this spooky coffin and watch in amazement. The lid opens, glowing eyes come up along with a skeletal hand that grabs the money into the bank. When the lid opens spooky music plays and a voice says "money, money, money." Great fun way to save! Bank measures 4" x 4" x4" and requires 2 AA batteries (not included).For ages 5 and up.

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Wouldn't it be fun to be able to change melodies on your clock each holiday season? Our new 5-in-1 Musical Clock comes with five interchangeable faceplates. This unique musical clock entertains you each hour with one of 12 different songs/sounds for each occasion. Just change the faceplate for Easter, Patriotic, Halloween and Christmas, and the sounds automatically change too! Also includes a decorative non-holiday (no sounds) faceplate so you can enjoy your clock year round. Built-in storage compartment holds faceplate rings not in use. A light sensor deactivates the sounds when the room is dark. Clock measures 12" in diameter and requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

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Halloween is here with this ultra-deluxe, interactive retelling of the spook-tacular story It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brownthat will charm fans of all ages! Amidst a scary pumpkin patch, the Peanuts gang learns that even an eerie night like Halloween can be full of laughter and love. As an added bonus, this endearing tale based on the Emmy-nominated television special by Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz comes to life with amazing sound prompts! This classic Peanuts story will engage readers with the dialogue and music from the cast of Peanuts characters that we've all come to adore and cherish. This hardcover book consists of 48 pages and measures 10.9" x 0.7" x 10.2". For ages 4 and up

listen Price $19.95

The Halloween party going on in this haunted castle is unforgettable! The vampire butler meets kids at the door and the zombie waiter offers a glass of fresh blood! Spine-chilling sounds and nightmarish 3D pictures make this book come alive! Hardcover book contains 10 pages and measures 8 1/8" x 11 1/4". Book requires 3 AAA batteries included. For ages 4 and up.

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Just the spooky finishing touch to a halloween table. Just clap your hands and this hilarious witch's broom wiggles and sings its own spooky halloween song. Great halloween decoration to bring out every year! Broom stands 16" tall and requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

listen Price $24.95

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Introducing our newest multi-function stereo shelf system. It is a turntable, cassette player, AM/FM radio and CD player/recorder. The turntable plays 33, 45, or 78 RPM records. The unit is a beautifully designed system that combines the most modern CD technology in an "old school" wooden cabinet with real knobs. Here's a way to get rid of all those dusty old records or deteriorating tapes and record them on CDs for reliable storage. The CD player/recorder has a front-loading drawer, and can record from the turntable, cassette tape or from your tape recorder using the AUX input. You can record on CR-R, and CD-RWs. It can skip to the next recording track automatically upon silence. Additional features are: bluetooth® music streaming, rotary analog AM/FM tuner, AUX in function with audio cables, earphone jack, two full-range speakers and a full functional remote control. There is a one year parts, and 90 day labor warranty from the manufacturer. Unit measures 21 inches wide by 13 deep by 12 tall. We send it to you with instructions recorded on a CD. This item is shipped separately and can not be combined with other orders.
Price $239.95

This hand held true speech talking bible reads all the books of the Old and New Testament in a real human voice. You can jump from book to book, chapter to chapter with the press of a button. You can also jump ahead or back in the text in 15 second intervals. The batteries are built into the unit; they can be charged with the DC adapter (included) or you can even charge it with the sun. You can listen to the human voice reading the bible through the Bible's excellent speaker, or through ear phones (also included). The unit measures 4 by 2 1/4 by 1/2 inch and comes with a one year warranty.

listen Price $64.95

Now you never have to reset your clock again! Our new talking atomic clock automatically self adjusts itself for daylight savings time and leap year. This radio controlled clock picks up the most powerful signal transmitted by the USA Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. Just set your time zone and let the clock do the rest. Clock also features: talking calendar, audio alarm settings, volume control, hourly report, auto-night shut-off, large one inch LCD display and easy one button operation to hear time and calendar. Clock measures 4 1/2" wide x 5 1/2" tall x 2 1/2" deep and requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

listen Price $39.95

Technological wonder! Forget pens, pencils and hard to use digital recorders! Our new voice recognition keychain uses your own voice to retrieve recorded information. You can easily retrieve phone numbers, to do list, reminders, thoughts or memos with a simple voice retrieval command. Keychain recognizes 60 memos in four Folders (15 in each folder). There is 12 seconds recordings for each subject/name. Keychain holds 12 minutes of recording time. It is easy to add and delete subject/name by simply following voice prompts. Keychain measures 2" in diameter and requires 3 L1154F batteries included.

listen Price $14.95

Consistent and accurate blood pressure monitoring is the key to good health. Now, because of our new talking blood pressure monitor the same opportunity exists for those with less than perfect vision. Just slip into the generous cuff, press the button and in a clear female voice it will automatically announce systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings. Its back-lit LCD screen displays super size digits for easy reading. Features include: automatically inflates and deflates arm cuff to appropriate level for accuracy, speaks in English and Spanish, Stores up to 120 readings for two users (60 each), Average of last 3 readings, Date and time stamp, Irregular Heartbeat Detection, soft comfortable cuff which fits arm circumferences from 11.75 to 16.5 inches, and automatic shut off. A nylon storage bag, AC Adapter and 4 AA batteries are included.
Price $65.95

Place this attractive radio control clock in any room of your home or office. Clock features attractive simulated wooden case with large digital display. In addition to its attractiveness, this clock is extremely practical. The clock features include: a pleasant female voice, radio control function, large LED digital display, audible time, date and indoor/outdoor announcement, automatic vocal announcement of time and temperature from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Wireless remote sensor, clock alarm and indoor and outdoor temperatures display. Clock measures 8 1/4" wide, 5" high x 2" deep and requires 2 AA batteries and wireless remote requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

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Yes! Two for the price of one! Limited quantities! Grab them up! Perfect for last minute gifts or "just because" gifts. The Tranquil Getaways Flashlight can be used as a regular flashlight or press one of seven buttons to hear nature sounds like, ocean waves, tropical forest, gentle stream, wind chimes and more. But that's not all. See the flash light begin to respond to the chosen sounds. Shine it on the wall or ceiling or stand upright for a muted light effect. Add the included color filters for a fuller experience. Change the white light to waterfall blue, sunlight yellow or even rain forest green. Its sleep timer automatically turns off the lights and sounds as you drift away into dreamland. Flashlight requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Keep them together or separate them for two gift giving ideas. Makes a perfect gift for just about anyone!

listen Price $12.95

Create your own peaceful environment with our new micro-chip digitally controlled Sound Sleep Machine. This compact-size machine reproduces 10 soothing sound effects such as: summer night, rain, babbling brook, wind, ocean seagulls, chirping birds, buoy, thunder and womb. You can even combine two of the sounds to create your own unique tranquil environment. Your Sound Sleep Machine includes a on/off with 60 minute timer switch, 34 combinations of calming sounds, high quality speaker and headphone jack. It measures 4" x 8" x 2" and includes power adapter and 4 AA batteries.

listen Price $29.95

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