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Musical Pasta Timer


Al Dente will sing to you when your pasta is ready. Simply cook Al Dente together with your pasta in your pot. Al Dente looks like a Mafioso, but all he wants is to help. He can be looked upon as the pasta kitchen servant. When the pasta is Al Dente, he will play classic Italian melodies. Once Al Dente with his concrete shoes gets into contact with boiling water, he will start an electronic pasta-cooking-program that will play tunes calling you to take both pasta and Al Dente out of the water. Al Dente plays 4 different tunes covering almost every possible kind of pasta. The song will tell you when your type of pasta is just right and "Al Dente". He plays melodies like, "That's Amore" after 3 minutes, (e.g. Angel Hair Pasta), "The Godfather Theme" after 7 minutes (e.g. for Fetuccine), "Tarantella Napoletana" after 9 minutes (e.g. for Spaghetti), "Prisoners` Choir" after 11 minutes (e.g. Fussili).Just check your cooking time for your type of pasta and take it out of the pot as soon as the right melody plays. Al Dente is a great gift,especially in combination with a bottle of wine or some good pasta. Timer is dishwasher safe.

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